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ALV GRID and Integrated ITS 7 (SAP GUI for HTML) - dissapears on reload

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Hi All,

We have a custom report that uses an ALV grid to display information to the user. Within this grid, there are fields that are display only and fields that are editable. Also, the grid is wider than the screen's width. It works fine in ECC. It also worked fine when we were using ITS 6.4.

We have recently upgraded to ITS 7. Now when we run the report using a Transaction iView (in EP 7) or the Webgui service (SAP GUI for HTML), if a field that is editable has focus when an event is triggered that reloads the grid, the screen becomes blank. So, you can click the Save button and the screen goes blank, also, there are date fields in the grid and if you choose a new date, the grid reloads and the screen becomes blank.

We have found that when the screen is blank, you can use the "Page Up" button on your keyboard and the last few columns of the grid will appear. As if the entire grid has moved off-screen to the left.

If you click onto a non-editable field and refresh or save, the grid returns to its normal state.

We are on Basis Patch level 15.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Also, does anyone know of a standard SAP transaction we can call from the Webgui that would have a similar setup...with an ALV grid containing editable and non-editable fields? We would like to rule out any errors in the report itself. Since it worked before we upgraded and it works fine in ECC. This would be a really big help too.

Thank you so much!



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You may look at OSS [ Note 314568 - SAP GUI for HTML functionality / Limitations / Sp. Behaviour|] and [ Note 890601 - SAP Integrated ITS updates for NetWeaver 7.0|]


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Thanks Raymond, I have seen Note 314568. I could not get the second link to work but I have looked at just about every Note in reference to Integrated ITS 7 and Tables or ALV Grids and there are very many, so it would appear that SAP has had a hard time with implementing this control, but I have not seen any instance that matches the problem we are having.

Unfortunately, SAP will not investigate this unless we can provide a standard Transaction that exhibits the same behavior.

If anyone knows of a standard SAP Transaction that displays an ALV Grid that is wider than the screen (requiring a horizontal scroll bar) and with editable and non-editable fields, that would be fantastic. If we can test against that, then we would know for sure if this is a problem with ITS / SAP GUI for HTML, or if there is an issue with this specific report.



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This is an SAP bug and they gave us an Basis sp patch to fix.

thanks for your help.


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Our ultimate goal is to display SAP GUI transaction codes in Chrome and similar browsers via Fiori tiles. We can do this now and it is already used by some customers.
Our problem is this; Although our Fiori tiles work, we are having problems in a few places. There are 3 different panels on the page, the 1st and 2nd panels are working, but the 3rd panel elements do not fully respond. I can't find the reason for this.

When moving GUI processes and programs from launching in the GUI for Windows to launching via the SAP Fiori launchpad, note the following:
- SAP Note 314568 – HTML functionality / limitations / sp. SAP GUI for behavior
- Then check the linked SAP note for your core version
For example, for SAP S/4HANA 2020, core version 7.81

LINK TO SAP NOTE: 314568 - SAP GUI Limitations for HTML functionality:

Our S/4 HANA system:
a: SAP FIORI for S/4 HANA 2020, core version 7.81
others: SAP FIORI for S/4 HANA 2022, core version 7.85

I found SAP-Note (WEB-GUI (SAP GUI for HTML) to solve the mentioned problem. The H01 system is SAP FIORI for S/4 HANA 2020. I am sharing the necessary SAP NOTE visual and also the link on the screen. In SAP Note, both Kernel version 7.89 is recommended for both Fiori 2020 and 2022.

My First Question is, can this solve the problem?
What else can be done?

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Hello Kevin:

I would like to tell you something i have the same problem with ALV Grid when we call in the Sap Guid it works well, but when we want to make a call from WEB and works like you reports, we select a row from one ALV and move to another ALV the informations disappears in the Both ALV and if we press the BOTTOM one more time the second ALV appears with the information in the both ALV.

So Do you have any idea how to resolve this problem, i would really appreciate any comments for this, thanks a lot