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ALV export to EXCEL issue with Long Texts

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Hi Good day,

i have strange issues, i,e

when i run the report with out passing the parameters and export to excel sheet i can see the whole long text on the excel sheet.

but when i pass the parameters and run the report i can only see half of it and it cuts rest of it on excel.

can i please know where the issue is as i dont get anything.

your knowledge on it highly appriciated.

thank you,



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Hi Jacob,

Can you please give us some more details like what kind of details you are displaying on perticular field and what is the length of this field and also if possible the snapshot of cutting details and Full details in export excel file.



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thank you for the reply.

please find the screen shots

No cut on Excel when export

Cut on EXCEL.


Thank you,


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Passing parameters to a report or not passing them cannot be your problem.

Probably you have to analyze better the issue.

You could only need to try to export file in unconverted txt format and check out if there are still problems with long text.

There's a note too about this issue

SAP Note 855314 - Downloading a list from the ALV to


You download a list that is wider than 1023 characters from the ABAP List

Viewer (ALV) to a local file as a spreadsheet. A line break occurs after

1023 characters. The list appears in Excel in this way.

This corresponds to the SAP standard.


To prevent a line break occurring when you download the list as a local

spreadsheet file, you must reduce the width of the list in the ALV.

You can do this either by hiding columns, or by changing the column widths

in the ALV.

Hope to help.


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thank you for the response much appreciated.

however i dont find any other issue when i download.

i have tried all the ways