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ALV Display

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HI All,

we have a requirment wherein we need to display a list of fields in the output in the form of ALV.But the ALV display should occupy only a part of the screen.The rest of the part is used to display other details.How do we specify the length and position of the ALV display?




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well you need a splitter container e.G. one of the class cl_gui_easy_splitter_container.

this will split your custom container into two containers. in one you can now put your ALV, while displaying your details in the other one.

the size and width and height of those containers can be changed.

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am not using OO ABAP for this.Am just using FMs to display the can i do it in this case?

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if the ALV is not Grid , you can use a blocked ALV for it

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bad idea, i dont have a clue if this is in any way possible with REUSE_ALV

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Hi ,

In case the other details are also to be displayed in ALV , then you can use a Splitter , whereby you split the screen into two or more saperate ALV .



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This can be achieved by using OOALV.

Place two containers on the screen and select accordingly for your ALV display.

Check programs with BCALV_* in SE8 to know more about it.

You may check this example. BCALV_GRID_DND_TREE

Using CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class.



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Try Container cl_gui_easy_splitter_container.

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