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ALV (CL_SALV_TABLE) using exclude value filter on refresh

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently in a pickle. We have a custom ALV (CL_SALV_TABLE), with automatic refresh functionality. If I use exclude single values/ exclude ranges, after refresh, these types of filters are treated like select single values / select ranges.

So, if I try to exclude the lines "0" quantity from the ALV, after refresh I get only the lines with zero quantity; hence the exclude filter is treated like a normal select filter.

If I try to manually set the filter after refresh, there is no field which tells me what type of filter it is (Select single value/ Select range/ Exclude single value/ Exclude range).

Anyone has any idea how to overcome this issue? I was even wondering if I can limit the filter to "Select single values" & "Select ranges" without the "Exclude" options but I didn't managed to restrict the filter.



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No issue for me with this program, I can manually exclude amount 0.

    DATA sflight_s TYPE TABLE OF sflight.
    DATA salv TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table.
    SELECT * FROM sflight INTO TABLE @sflight_s.
    MODIFY sflight_s FROM value #( price = 0 ) TRANSPORTING price WHERE price = 666.
    CALL METHOD cl_salv_table=>factory
        r_salv_table = salv
        t_table      = sflight_s.
    salv->get_functions( )->set_all( ).
    salv->display( ).

Probably the rest of your program has a bug, please help us reproduce your problem, share a minimal reproducible example.