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ALV background printing with totals summary

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we have defined an ALV layout that displays only the totals/subtotals and we would like to print this in the background. the report allows us to specify the layout from the report selection screen.

however, it doesn't seem to work when printing in the background. it always expands into detail rows. we are using FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY in 4.6C system. any solution to this?

thanks in advance.


Former Member
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Hi, you mentioned 'printing in the background'

do you mind explaining for me how do you print ALV in the background.

Thanks a lot

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When the report is ran in the background, a simple conversion is done from the ALV grid to the ALV list and this list is what is printed.


Rich Heilman

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The variant in which you want the report to use, is this variant a global variant which can be seen by the "BACKGROUND" user? If not, this could be you problem. If the variants are user specific, the variant will not be seen by the "BACKGROUND" user. I would suggest setting up the variant as the "BACKGROUND" user.


Rich Heilman

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yes, this is fine. however, when the conversion takes place, it should also take into consideration the drilldown level (Settings->Define totals drilldown...). what happens is that the rows are expanded instead of summarized.

the variant is global and not user-specific.