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Hi gurus

Here our SAP system has interface with lots of systems… and there is flow of idoc… but its done via Dialog work process is there any setting in ALE where you can specify that data should flow in background mode and not in Dialog mode….


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Just nake variants and plan to run the programms in background. You need a schduler for this.

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Hi Vijay,

First you need to change all the partner profiles in WE20 for inbound /outbound message types .

For inbound -

In the inbound options select "Trigger by background Job" instead of "Trigger Immediately".

( This will mean that IDOCS will remain in status 64( Ready to be passed to application). To process these schedule a batch job with program RBDAPP01 with suitable parameters)

For outbound -

In the outbound options select "Collect IDOCS" instead of "Transfer IDOC Immediately".

( This will mean that IDOCS will remain in status 30 ( Ready for dispatch). To process these schedule a batch job with program RSEOUT00 with suitable parameters)


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This has nothing to do with the question. I cant see how this is helping running ALE Transactions in background. The poster said that evrything is running in online mode, so partner profile and ports are already set.

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Hi Rainier ,

Interface means you send IDOCS out of application transactions such as Purchase Order / Sales Order / Delivery .

The poster said everything running online. Even if you schedule a batch job , this job will have nothing to do as the IDOCS would have been processed by the application transaction itself in dialog mode . If partner profile is set to trigger immediately and say you send an IDOC out of PO , your IDOC will be posted the moment you create a PO and save it. It will not wait for the batch job to run and post it ( the way you suggested ). Same is true for INBOUND. Let us wait for the poster to return and say what excatly he wants .

I am not sure what his problem is but partner profile does play a vital role when you want to process IDOCS immediately or collect them and process at intervals through batch jobs.