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ALE HRMD_A Idocs in status 52

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HRMD_A Idocs in target system are not completely posted, turning into status '52'. Most of the times the infotype 1001 idoc with relationship P->S arrives before the idoc which has the actual objects(P, S) causing 'Relationship imposible because the object does not exist".

We use program RBDAPP01 for inbound processing of Idoc which should take care of Serialization based on the time stamp of idoc creation in source system.

Change pointors for Message type HRMD_A are processed using program RBDMIDOC in source system.

It is unlikely that relationship P->S is created without object P being created in the source system. So the change pointors should create the idocs in the same sequence. But it is not happening. Any body experinced similar problem?

Any help on this appreciated.


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I am facing the same problem . IF u are able to solve

the problem ..Please do guide me .

Thanks in advance

Shikha Jain

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The question here is if all necessary data has been already transferred to target system . If data is selected based on change pointer than only data that has changed in source system is send to target.

Example: imagine you have change employee position using one of already created positions in the system. Change pointer will take than only the new assignment between employee and positions. It will not actually transfer the existing position it-self. In this case you must be sure that all existing positions are already transferred to target system.

In your example only new relationship between P->S is transfered to target. Employee data should already been there. The change here is not about creating new employee but only about the new relationship P->S.

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First check the concerned employee exist in the receiving system or not.

if it does not exist, send the employee information from

PFAL transaction with following inputs 01,P,(employee no),

message type, rcieving system etc.,

process the employee idoc using rbdapp01 program.

Come back to sending system and create a person to position relationship and transfer the data using rbdmidoc.

Generally the sequence of passing HR data is to send the

Organizational level data from sender to reciever.

organisational hierarchy contains objects like persons,

positions,jobs etc

first step is to call pfal transaction with values




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You are right if you are sending data manually using PFAL. But for daily changes we have to go through Change pointers using program RBDMIDOC, it should automatically take care the sequence but it is not happening..

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Hi Santosh,

I too have experiencing the same problem. Did you ever find a way to send the OM object before the relationship to your recieving system in your iDocs? Is there some parent child relationship, i.e. rule, that needs to be set up to instruct the system to send all of the objects (1000) before the relationships (1001)?