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​AdT - Open files explicitly in "read-only"?

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Is it possible to open a file explicitly in read only? Or have a project setting for that?

Use-Case: I connect to two clients with AdT: a development client and a test client (connect for debugging).

-> For the later, I don't have authorization object S_ABPLNGVS and that's ok - but if I accidently start typing, I get that error message telling me.

It would be much nicer if AdT showed me right away that the code is not editable. (e.g. gray insetead of white background)


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Well it is always opened in read only mode. When you start typing several thing happen:

  • Object is locked
  • S_DEVELOP ist checked for ACTVT=02
  • Change Mode is activated and typed Charakter is inserted
  • If locked but not changed or activated a lock decorator appears in the tab name
  • If changed and not saved an asterisk decorator appears in the tab name
  • If saved but not activated a grey Symbol appears in the tab name

So if another User change the Source you can not.

If you don't have the authorizations to change there is a Popup telling you so.

The only thing "missing" compared to SE80 is a more obvious sign than the decorator in the tab name. For me it became enough over time. I don't need something more obvious any more.

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The decorator though doesn't appear until you start typing. On the principle of "fail as early as possible", it would be rather better to do the checks before typing.

For efficiency, a check could be made on the instance to see if it is even open to modification.

Another annoyance is that if you uplift your authorisations to modify the object via SU01, ADT doesn't detect this and you have to restart.

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Thanks for the explanation michael.biber2 !

> The only thing "missing" compared to SE80 is a more obvious sign than the decorator in the tab name.

So there _is_ a way to see if something is read only? Can you show me, maybe with a screenshot?

Again, my case:

If I have a source open both in my dev-client (edition ok) and my test-client (no editing!), how can I tell them apart? Only thing I found out: Point mouse at the tab to see the tool-tip, it tells the project and thus the client.

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Hi 93b1c542d4984f0e9a75a57ce6030ff3,

I am currently on vacation so I can't post Screenshots or look anything up. So I'll try out of my Imagination.

Currently you can not assume if you could edit without trying. As long as you didn't try to edit, you are in read Mode.

There is a plugin that allows colouring of tabs or status line based on the project. I am not sure whether it was Continous Integration Plugin for ABAP (mostly used for ATC or Unit Test run upon Activation). That colouring could be used based on your expectation but it does not reflect the Real authorizations status.