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Addition Item getting added while posting Sales Order Changes - ORDCHG

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I have a requirement to post sales order changes - ORDCHG. Now, when I am adding the qualifier 002 at the item segment E1EDP01 with the existing Item number, it is creating another Item in the sales order rather than changing the existing one. What could be the reason? I am passing the below values in to the respective segments.

E1EDK01-ACTION = '003' - Changes in one or more items

E1EDP01-ACTION = '002' Item Changed.

Please advise.


Venkata Phani Prasad K


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I think it maybe the E1EDP01-POSEX value - This must be equal to the vbap-posex field of the order item you are updating - NOT the vbap-posnr field. The vbap-posex field contains the item number passed in from the external system that created the order.

Check if this helps.



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I encountered the same problem.  As Vinit pointed out, it looks up the line item using field POSEX on VBAP instead of POSNR.  If you want to look up POSNR,  you can implement either user-exit ZXVDBU07 or ZXVDBU09 in IDOC_INPUT_ORDCHG and do the following.

Loop through YVBAP and modify the internal table to set POSEX to be equal to POSNR.

This will cause the IDOC to select the correct line item based on POSNR.  The only side-effect is that when the order is updated, it will also update field POSEX on table VBAP.