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Adding T-code to Role Area Menu which doesn't exist in box

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We are using a SAP system called QIM which has "jumplink" functionality, which is a web based linked (NWBC) which will launch you into a ERP system transaction when clicked. For example, in QIM we will display a outbound delivery, and if we click on the link it launches VL03N from the ERP system and displays as  web UI.

In PFCG under area menu, this transaction code appears under the menu, but VL03N doesn't actually existing in the system... The issue is we created a custom object for inbound delivery and we need ot add it under this area, but when we attempt to add a transaction code under the Role Area, the system says the t-code doesn't exist... Even when we try this with an existing t-code showing in the menu (Vl03N) it says it doesnt exist. Same if we look at the authorization object S_TCODE. These t-codes exist in here, but when you try to readd them they system says it doesn't exist.

Please find the attachments with some screen shots... Any idea how we can do this?


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You can create a role menu as remote enabled remote menu.

The authority checks will happen on the remote side, also against objects which don't exist in the calling system as the music is on the other side.

On the RFC client system side, you only need the parameter transaction to start the remote transaction in the remote system.

See the documentation on SYST function module ABAP4_CALL_TRANSACTION.

This is however a rather antiquated technology... it is more popular to use a SAP Portal or webdynpro applications for this sort of thing (the user does not notice the difference) or later versions of such integration such as Fiori UIs or imbedded links within the Business Client.

I don't want to lean out the window too far, but the buggy phase of these new things is approaching an end and they are usable if you are on newer releases. Then you can pool the menu and use APIs for navigation and no more irritating S_TCODE checks.