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Adding F1 help.

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I have added one check box in selection screen which is not related to any table field. I want to add F1 help on it. For that I need to write a subroutine which is called when F1 help is asked by user. To open a new window and display the disired text what should be done? I tried to write code for opening a window and display text but it is not working. Is there any function module which can be used?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Is creating a data elment, out of the question? You can create a data element via SE11 which you can specify documentation for. Then just reference this data element in your parameters statement. This is a lot easier than coding all that yourself.

parameters: p_ts as checkbox type ztest.


Rich Heilman

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I strongly suggest Rich's solution and take advantage of the dictionary features. If you do not want to do that for some reason, then take a look at the AT SELECTION-SCREEN ON HELP_REQUEST FOR... command. This will invoke your code when F1 is pressed for the field you specify.

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I thank you both for helping me in fixing this problem.

Here we are looking for solution without data element.. without adding any data element we can do so.. by calling some function module and passing the help text.

I am trying to get that functional module. I have tried


I want a small pop up window which contains the help-text. When I am trying these functional module either i don't have all the parameters or it creates a new screen which is not desired. We should have main screen in background and one small screen containing help-text should be displayed.

I wonder if i get that functional module name.

Just curious, why is it that you are not wanting to use the data element. Is there some other requirements, that force you to go another way. You are really making it hard on yourself.


Rich Heilman

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Hi Ashish,

If you are building the help text within the program, then you can use the <b><i>"At selection-screen on help-request for <param>"</i></b> option and call your subroutine in that event. Once you build your text in an internal table, you can use the popup function modules(popup with table display or the likes) to display the internal table.


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If you want to call your own code to display F1 help, here is what I recommend.

Do transaction SE61, in the Settings Box, Document Class, use the help button to pick General Text. Create text starting with a Z name like ZCDF_TEST. Save and activate.

Then use the following code to respond to the F1 request:

CALL FUNCTION 'DSYS_SHOW_FOR_F1HELP'                    
     dokclass = 'TX'                                   
     dokname  = 'ZCDF_TEST'
     doktitle = 'Put your own title here'
     appendix = 'X'                           
     class_unknown            = 1                      
     object_not_found         = 2                      
     OTHERS                   = 3.

This will display your customized help doc in exactly the same way that the system displays help documentation. You would put the call to this FM in the event AT SELECTION_SCREEN ON HELP... as discussed earlier.

Let us know how it goes.

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Hi Ashish,

**F1 help on selection screen.

Do scheck this sample code , i had tried it work for me .

You can achieve this by using a Function Module POPUP_TO_DISPLAY_TEXT_LO on that Field .

  • F1 Help




titel = text-012

textline1 = text-005

textline2 = text-006

textline3 = text-007

start_column = 10

start_row = 10.

You can give your text which is to be displayed in text-005 ,text-006 and text-007.

Let me know if you face any difficulty in the same.



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Yes there is FM Which helps in doing this 'COPO_POPUP_TO_DISPLAY_TEXTLIST'.

Check this sap documentation surely this will help you.

Sap F1 Help


Prasanna CD.