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Adding customer Fcodes to FX-RE - Trans, RECN - Create Contract

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Hi everybody,

Í'm currently facing the following problem:

Within FX Real Estate, we would like to enhance the menu options with one or two extra menu items (program: SAPLRECA_BDT_APPL_TOOL, status DEFAULT).

To enhance this we use ES: BADI_RE_CA_BT. I created a new Badi with its corresponding interfaces and added a Function Code item. This item in our definition contains de program SAPLRECA_BDT_APPL_TOOL and our new functioncode +RERAPP (or give it a name).

When I look at the implementation of our ES (and Badi definition), I see the enhanced Fcode. When I doubleClick, I see the following message:

" Function +RERAPP of interface SAPLRECA_BDT_APPL_TOOL has not yet been

created Message no. EC423 ".

This looks to me that the Fcode is not within the mentioned program but somehow I'm not able to add our new functioncode to the program and implement the actions with our newly created badi.

I think I'm doing something wrong but I can't find a breakthrough.

- Am I using the wrong enhancement spot? I also tried it with BADI_RE_CN_CN but the same result (no result I mean ).

Hope you can help!

Kind regards



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Already found the answer. You have to use the BDT to enhance transactions link RECN.