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Adding Custom Menu Item to the SAP Standard Menu Bar ?

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Hello All,

This Qn is regarding Adding a Custom Menu Item to the SAP Standard Menu bar.

I did the following to achieve the above :

1. I went to Se41

2. Gave the Program as MENUSYST

3. Gave the Status as MEN

4. Now I pressed the CHANGE Button.

5. Under the MENU BAR --> HILFE I added the following :


b. FUNCTION TEXT : XXX Online Help

6. Now I activated the STATUS.

7. I went to SE93

8. Created a TCODE ZTST

9. Attached a Program which calls my company intranet content URL.

10. Activated the Program.

11. Now I Logged off and Logged in.

12. From the first SAP Screen (S000), I pulled down to the Help--> XXX Online Help (Newly Added Menu Item).

13. Pressed on it.

14. The Transaction ZTST is getting executed and it's calling the INTRANET URL.

15. Until this no problem.

16. But, when i go to any other screen other than the S000 Tcode screen and then press the XXX Online Help Menu Item the ZTST Transaction is not being called.

17. Instead I'm getting a message saying " Function code ZTST is not supported ".

So, what I wanted to know is :

1. What should be the FUNCTION CODE for the newly added Menu Item ?

2. Should it be started with a "+" Plus Sign ?

3. Should it start with "Z" ?

4. Or can it be started with any letter ?

4. What should be done in my scenario which is mentioned above ?

5. Where exactly I went wrong ?

Request you to clarify !

Thanks and Regards,




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Hi Deepu,

Check this link...


Check the below link of similar question...

Hope this would help you.


Narin Nandivada

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Hello Narin Nandivada,

Thanks for your reply !


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Hi Deepu,

I know that you posted this quite a while ago so this is a long shot, but were you ever able to resolve the issue that you had where the custom help was only being called from the S000 tcode screen?

I  am having the same issues and would like to know how you resolved them, please.

Thanks much,