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Add interactable long text object in COOIS.

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Hello I am currently Implementing a BADi on TCODE: COOIS

and I was wondering if anyone knows if what I am trying to do is even possible and if yes what are the steps needed to be taken to do so.

I have added the field currently only called "TEXT" to COOIS via adding some fields to CL_IOHEADER
I would like to individually save a text with FM SAVE_TEXT into a SO10 Object I created. The problem is I somehow want to make it possible for the end user to add/edit this text by clicking on the field.

Any idea how if all this is possible?


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Look at BAdI WORKORDER_INFOSYSTEM, maybe you coulmd implement methods such as

  • AT_OUTPUT_SCREEN Is called for every action on the output list
  • AT_OUTPUT_SCREEN_LAY Call When Action is Carried Out on the Output List

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Since I'm not familiar with that tcode, I'll just share from my point of view whether it is possible or not enhancing the standard program you wanted ( I might be wrong about this )

- For standard program,
If the default behavior of the tcode you mentioned does not have edit / change feature for any existing field (aside from the one you've created), forcing the custom field you've created to be editable might be useless, since you can't save it either ( since you might not be able to create additional button used by the screen ), unless there is any method for save or post in BAdI related to the tcode. You might still be able to read the long text value into the 'text' field through BAdI or inline enhancement implementation.