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Actual Costs and Plan Costs

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Hello SAP Folks:

I am trying to build a custom cost center report and need to show two columns Actual Costs & Planned Costs.

Here's where my problem is:

1) I Know Actual Costs and Planned Costs depend on Value Type and Versions  The ABAP field for Value Type is WRTTP and Versions is VERSN

2) I am pulling this data from  TABLE COEP- Cost Line Items Table using the field OBJNR

3) Is this assumption that i am making correct

Actuals             Version (COEP-VERSN) = 0 Value Type (COEP-WRTTP) = 4

Plan Cost          Version (COEP-VERSN) = 0 Value Type (COEP-WRTTP) = 1

It's getting the combination of value type and Version is where my confusion lies. And here's why:

The business loads plan or budget using KP06 (for cost CenterS) and plan is being used as version 0

However, based on a lot of incorrect information on the web, I also read somewhere that Plan is Version 0 and Actuals is Version 4.

Is it the Value type that's dictating the Actuals and Version always remains 0

Or is the Version Number change itself that's causing the designation of  Plans and Actuals.

Please help as I need to learn the concepts and obviously the right way.

Thanks, Chris Gayle


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- COEP does not has every data you required, better use COSS and COSP tables.

- For VERSN version, look at your local Cusomizing /AND/ ask functional

- The CO postings are categorized in R/3 mainly through the fields WRTTP (value type), VRGNG or VORGA (transaction), and BELTP (debit type). You could look at table COSP_VTYPE, which is used by BW extractors, look for records where VTYPE_BIW is 10 Actual or 20 Plan. /OR/ ask functional.



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We have fetched the actuals in this manner

Select from cosp passing objnr where wrttp = 04 & versn = 000, then pass the objnr again to RPSCO where wrttp = 04. Later several manipulations were done.

For plan Cost

COSP & COSS passing the objnr