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Accessing SAP back end by passing Remote Terminal Server

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Dear - I searched the forum as well web but didn't get any such specific discussion points on my quires so posting it here.

I use back end SAP from Remote Terminal Server (MSTSC). Can I access the same from Eclipse ADT. I have installed Eclipse Luna 32 bit on my desktop.So how can I configure Eclipse to access back end SAP without accessing through Remote Terminal Server.

Can someone please guide me on this?

- Thanks , Somnath


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Hi Somnath,

what excactly do you mean with "using SAP from MSTSC"?

Do you mean that you start the SAP GUI there, directly on the server machine?

If you want to use ADT, you have to install SAP GUI also on your client.

Maybe this helped, if not, try to be more precisely with the description of your problem.



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Dear Somnath,

when the MSTSC is the only way you can access the SAP Systems then you have to ask that AiE get's installed on the Terminal Server. When you also can use SAP GUI to access the systems then AiE will work too. Check that with the Network / Security Admin.

Best regards


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Dear All, The issue was I installed eclipse Luna in my local and wanted to access SAP which is available in our client server and we access that thru MSTSC (Microsoft Terminal Server Connection).

So I was in a confusion how to bypass that, and I finally configured the eclipse by passing the server details and it gets connected with SAP system. It needs the related client ID and Pass.

Many thanks for your reply and giving time to look into my issue.

- Regards , Somnath