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Access sequence on a z table, is tihs possible? VA02

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Please help me here.

We have to populate some additional fields (sales rep info for to VBAP table in MV45AFZZ), however, the sales rep information is stored in a Z table with many combination of keys (25 different search criteria). To identify the record(s) for a sales item, it's tough to put the selection logic inside the userexit.

What should I do? Someone told me to use Access Sequence (in Pricing condition tables) to access the sequence to read the sales rep info. Does anyone of you have any suggestion? Any input would be appreciated.



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Hi Tobbie!

Looks like no one understood the suggestion.

A pricing access will lead to a price condition. I don't see, how you come from here to an entry in a Z-table. Can you store your additional field values as price (or discount)? Then pricing would make sense.

Or this proposal was: split your Z-table, make hierarchy levels like pricing tables.

Best is: ask some more details.