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about the ALV field

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Hi all:


form frm_set_fieldcat .

clear: it_fieldcat[],wa_fieldcat,it_events[],wa_layout.

field_cat 'WERKS' 'Plant'(030).

field_cat 'VBELN' 'Invoice'(001).

field_cat 'POSNR' 'Item'(002).

field_cat 'FKSTO' 'Cancellation'(003).

field_cat 'FKDAT' 'Billing Date'(004).

field_cat 'FKLMG' 'Quantity'(005).


define field_cat.

add 1 to wa_fieldcat-col_pos.

wa_fieldcat-tabname = 'IT_OUT'.

wa_fieldcat-fieldname = &1.

wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = &2.

append wa_fieldcat to it_fieldcat.

clear wa_fieldcat." add by cc


what's the (030)/(001)/(002)... meaning?



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The number in the () means the number in "Text Symbols" in your program. The text hard coding in the programing is default displayed text. While if you create a text symbol, the text according to language setting will replace the default text on the screen.