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ABAP4 syntax errors

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hello guys,

i have a some crazy errors in my program in sap 4.6C version .

i'm  trying to  adapt a code from a different program ( a more recent version ) to the old version 4.6C im working at it right now .

but i have lot of synax errors that i can't solve some of them,

if anyone have ideas or can help me ,please dont hesitate to message me or answer me .

PS: im new in SAP /ABAP

thanks a lot .

the error is : The text literal "'<script type=" is longer than 255 characters. Please check whether it ends with a quotation mark.

the code is:

*    Appending the description div and the script to make it dynamic

    APPEND '<script type="text/javascript">$(".col-sm-3")

.hover(function(e){title = $(this).attr("title");$("#desc").

html("<span>" + title + "</span>");$(this).removeAttr("title");},

function(e){$("span", "#desc").html("DESCRIPTION");' TO lt_html.


APPEND '$(this).attr("title",title);});</script><div id="desc"

class="row" style="color:black;padding:5px;margin-left:74px;border: 1px

dashed black;margin-top:440px;width:78%;background-color:

#dcdcdc;font-size:18px;">DESCRIPTION</div>' TO lt_html.

    APPEND '</div></div>' TO lt_html.

    APPEND '</body>' TO lt_html.

    APPEND '</html>' TO lt_html.

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The first thing: if these strings take up more than one line, you should know that in ABAP it is not permitted. I copied your code and  got "Literals that take up more than one line not permitted."

You may want to split them and concatenate or, if you are in a more recent SAP release, you can concatenate using the concatenate operator (&). Like below:

   APPEND '<script type="text/javascript">$(".col-sm-3")' &

'.hover(function(e){title = $(this).attr("title");$("#desc").' &

'html("<span>" + title + "</span>");$(this).removeAttr("title");},' &

'function(e){$("span", "#desc").html("DESCRIPTION");' TO lt_html.

Splitting the string up can also help you pinpoint where the error is, if there is one.

Hope this helps.

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the code is from a recent sap release,but i should adapt it to an old version sap 4.6C,that why it dont work in old version but it work very good in sap 6.0 release

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Then you should use concatenate of the various pieces into a variable and only after do your append.

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The error message already says that your string is to long. So, I guess you have to split up your big strings into several strings, which do not overflow the limit of 255 chars.

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SAP 4.6C not supported more than 255 character long. so you can split the string within 254 characters with using & symbol.


Syed Abbas.

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Sorry to say that & is not a concatenation operator as people could imagine. It was just a way to write a literal of up to 255 characters in the ABAP editor at the time we could only enter 72 characters maximum in a line.

So, & does not permit more than 255 characters.

The only way to do it in 4.6C is to use the CONCATENATE statement.