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ABAP web service security

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hi guys,

we have a couple of abap web services here that are called by an external .NET application. Currently, the .NET application can call the web service without passing on any username and password. Hence, there is no security. I wanted to change it and make it secure, so in SICF, i selected my WS, logon data tab and changed the procedure to standard and left the u/p blank. Also, made sure that the WS definition in se80 is set to basic authentication and SOA Manager is also set to HTTP authentication - username and password. But the .NET application can still call the web service without passing on any username and password. I cleared out all the caches etc.

Any idea as to why .Net app is not getting prompted for u/p ??



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First check in web service navigator, whether it is asking for user id and password in testing of web service.

If its not asking then check in SICF - Logon details. The credentials already set for that web service.

Remove credentials for that web service, After that it will ask for user id and password.