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#ABAP_TRIAL - SAD to say but ABAP Trial sucks with hardly any support


I am trying to setup the Trial server with no success. There is hardly any support from the community as well. So frankly ABAP trial is really not helpful to usual ABAP folk, who are eager to learn new stuff.

There is hardly any support and seems like it needs a lot of Basis knowledge to figure out what is what.

Even with the best hardware it is difficult to kick start a server. If things go smooth then its fine else you end up in a big limbo. For folks who are well versed with Unix and all the other Virtual Machine stuff its fine, but for hard core ABAP folk who want to understand Development from a Business implementation perspective, most of the time is spent in understanding the Server set up .




It is not that hard... It has its issues but there is a lot of information out there, so don't expect having all up and running in an hour.

If you have a good machine you can even try it with docker that as far as I know it is very easy and fast to install (there is a blog about it) and if you have some $$ you can try the cloud alternatives.

And finally as usual ask for help when you problems, just be detailed about your situation and hopefully someone will help.


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We are sorry to hear it. We do understand it has its own set of issues. As rightly pointed our by Jesús Antonio Santos Giraldo it will be great if you can search for docket image one if you have good machine, it will be easy to install. Secondly if you can post your issue as a question right people will help you.

PS: In the days of containers K8S etc. i think it makes sense for any developer to understand in detail how actually the servers work, communicate, Unix commands etc. Gone are those days where we had a ready made system for us ready for coding. I would request you to read about containers, virtual machines difference, understand bigger picture the journey will become more better, enjoyable and smooth.



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i dont know what instruction you followed to build up your trail but i follow this ( in week 1, unit 6):

and it work as expected. i dont know anything about linux or virtual machine too. if you didnt get advise from community for your issue, might be no one know about it (it specific for your case) or the right person just not there so take a break and try it again.

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Try asking more questions - I've only seen one. Unless you are a customer of SAP, you will only get assistance through the community.

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You are right quynh.doanmanh. Unfortunately the support / community engagement here is very poor as compared to other open systems community. I have tried to install 751 and facing issues. Struggling from the past 3 weeks with no support from the community.

I know I can use the CAL version (which I am using BTW). But funny thing is SAP (I believe) wants developers to learn and experiment but puts absolutely no effort in building community focus.

BTW can some one throw some light on this Question I have been struggling with. I think it should be pretty basic for any Basis person, just that those are not my kind of skills.

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Product and Topic Expert

Hi Linkin,

Please see my answer on your original post:

I am sorry you have experienced these difficulties, but yours is the first case I have seen with this specific error. For this reason, you may have to work through the notes / previous answers provided.

We cannot offer official support to non-Customers or non-Partners, but there may be options open to you.

Best wishes Julie.