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ABAP Trial Container FAIL: process disp+work Dispatcher not running


Hello everyone.
Earlier this week our ABAP Trial Container had to be restarted. Since then, we are unable to bring the system back up, as we encounter the same error over and over again when starting the docker container:



2024-03-08T14:53:23.927511259Z 08.03.2024 14:53:23
2024-03-08T14:53:23.927516739Z StartWait
2024-03-08T14:53:23.927520486Z FAIL: process disp+work Dispatcher not running
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931830145Z Worker Processes: the start command failed, exit code=2
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931896940Z The service Worker Processes has failed to start and initialization is blocked until the problem is resolved
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931904032Z You can try your luck 10 times until initialization is terminated
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931907959Z Hint: docker containers can be joined by: docker exec -it <name> bash
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931912818Z Hint: HDB license must not be expired
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931916876Z Hint: HDB must be running
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931920443Z Hint: AS ABAP license must be valid
2024-03-08T14:53:23.931924210Z Hit Return to continue


From what I've read here I assume that the licenses expired, which would make sense given the uptime. However, I am unsure as which parameters are the correct ones when generating new license files for the HDB and the ASABAP.

The HDB and the AS ABAP for example show two different hardware keys when they are started in the docker container. A fresh docker container image on the other hand has the same hardware key on both licenses in the SLICENSE transaction. Which ones of these is the correct one?

Also, while troubleshooting it seemed that the System No. was updated again and again. Here as well, a fresh install has the same System No. on both existing licenses. Where can I get the correct current System Number for my system? And do I then have to make any adaptions to the license files before copying them into my container as suggested here

I have attached the logs of my latest try to run the container.

Thank you very much in advance.



Hello @philippschuck 

I have the same issue when installing the latest ABAPTRIAL_2202 release. Are you able to resolve them?



I was getting the same error. When I attached bash to the Docker image, I could see that HDB was running fine. At the end, it was not enough memory. I changed available memory to 20GB for Docker image and then it was able to start ABAP AS. 

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same issue here. So far no solution. I will drop my solution here once I find something.