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Abap ST deserialization

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Hi there i have read now a lot of things about ST but still i don't grasp certain concept.

I have tho following (simplified) XML and Datastructure:


  clsname TYPE string,

  source TYPE stringtab,

  END OF test.

DATA tab TYPE zst_t_test..

DATA str TYPE string.

str =

'<classes>' &&

'<class name="zcl_umap_exception_object" isException="false">' &&

'<definition>' &&

'abc' &&

  '</definition>' &&

'<publicSection>' &&

'class zcl_umap_exception_object definition INHERITING FROM ZCL_UMAP_CLASS_OBJECT.' &&

'</publicSection>' &&

'<privateSection>' &&

'private section.' &&

'</privateSection>' &&

'</class>' &&


and what i want to achieve is that everything is put into table source. but somehow that doesn't work. i am using this transformation:

<?sap.transform simple?>

<tt:transform xmlns:tt="" xmlns:ddic="" xmlns:def="">

  <tt:root name="ROOT" type="ddic:ZST_T_TEST"/>



      <tt:loop ref=".ROOT">


          <tt:attribute name="name" value-ref="CLSNAME"/>


              <tt:value ref="$ref.SOURCE"/>


          <tt:loop name="b" ref="SOURCE">


              <tt:value ref="$b"/>



          <tt:loop name="b" ref="SOURCE">


              <tt:value ref="$b"/>








first thing that really irritates me is that the syntax check says "type ... is not atomic" for the <definitions> tag. so how to read that specific value?

Next even when i put a loop around <definition> the loop of the <publicSection> is overwriting all previous entries, same for the loop of <privtaeSection>

And worse in my real XML <publicSection itself can contain lots of attributes and other stuff which i have to loop over as well.

so the Questions is: How can i append everything to just on table?



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Ok problem solved, anyone stumbling about the same issue, use assign and read..