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ABAP Query problem after open query (f6)

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Hi, guys i've got a problem with ABAP Query( sq01) . My programm stopped to work after i pushed "open query" (f6 button). How to turn it back? Below the code That i had before and having now.


Also after i clicked f6 i get theese table wich changes order every time i'm clicking it again.So how to make it work as it worked before


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Did you transport the previous version in another system (or at least release a transport request with the query)

  • report RSAQR3TR

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i've got a previous version on productive system, but anyway it's even impossible to look what versions i had before. So it's impossible to turn back it as usual

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A few clarifications:

Concerning the screenshot, it shows an Infoset Query which is a simulation query using fake data. A normal Query is a repository object which is to be transported and to be used productively.

So, when you run the Infoset Query, you don't run the query you are talking about.

Concerning the "before" and "now" codes you are talking about, the before code is a true cross-client query code, and the second one is a client-dependent query.

A query-generated program prefixed AQZZ is a cross-client one, while AQ<not ZZ> is a client-specific one (e.g. AQ01 is one in client 001).

How you obtained a client-dependent query with a generated program named AQZZ is a big mystery to me.

Either it's a bug and you should look at SAP notes, or you did unusual things...

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it also changes after i click "infoset query" at sq01.

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"it", what "it"?

Please describe what you do. I don't understand.

Why are you playing with the infoset query?

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Programm had changed.
It changed after i select it from infoset query and did this.

And it will have been changed if i pressed "open query" and select mine NZP.

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mine sel screen has changed too btw.
That how it looked before

And how it looks now

The second block had changed. and some fields changed their places

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Let me explain more simple, cause i get same mistake on another system.
First i change mine user-group at sq03.

Then at sq01 i select mine Query and press InfoSetQuery and programm had changed.

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Opening a query should not change the code of the query.

You still didn't explain why you are using Infoset Query, why you don't run the query the normal way.

After importing the query, I would run the query normally in order to generate the code the first time.

Concerning infoset query, you clearly have a bug and you should contact SAP Support. You have also some information about the special handling of Infoset Query "copies" here: 502533 - InfoSet query: Use of templates - SAP for Me.

NB: I'm surprised that you are using a custom non-Z query name (NZP), better name it ZSOMETHING...

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I found a book
Here at Unit4 for i found : "When you start SAP Query (SQ01), all queries are displayed, regardless of whether

they were created as a SAP Query or an InfoSet Query. If you choose InfoSet

Query, you can also edit all queries as InfoSet Queries. However, do not edit a

SAP Query as an InfoSet Query if it contains the following objects: Several lists, a

multiline basic list or local fields. If you use a query with one of these properties

in the InfoSet Query, the system displays only single line lists without local fields.

If you overwrite the query, these special SAP Query properties are lost."

As i sad before, i've got a right version on productive system, what should i do to see Sap Query properties. Mb i can change them and code will be turned?

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As I said, you should contact the SAP Support. Sorry, I feel I'm useless here.

mb it will be itrensting for you, but i found the solution
Earlier i had this in end-of-selection at SQ02:

field-symbols: <dtab> type standard table,
               <fs_tab> type any.
assign ('%dtab[]') to <dtab>.
assign ('%dtab') to <fs_tab>.
LOOP AT <dtab> assigning <fs_tab>.
*  <fs_tab>-wkgbtr = 0.

And when i deleted it and regenerate an infoset and programm the code turned back and don't changes after pressing "Infoset Query"
It will regenerates even if u will have 1 comment string in this section. So this section neen to be empty


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Thank you. I guess it will be of some interest for everyone with the same problem as yours in the future. Hence, I advise that you create your own answer with the detailed steps and screenshots (not sure to understand if the lines are to be deleted or to be kept/the "1 comment string" is to be an empty comment) If possible, if you know, could you also explain why deleting/updating the lines of code you mention solves the issue?