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ABAP OO: transfer Objectrefrerer from one instance to another ?

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is this possible:

I create a object in a bsp-application (or programm - does not matter in this case).

now i open another  bsp-application and i want to use the object i created in the first bsp-application.

The reference to the object has to be saved somewhere where i can get information from every instance ...

I even think that this is not possible, because a DB Table can´t have a field type refer to a class.

And i have no other idea where i can put this reference. And it would be even against the theory of a object orientend language.

But this function would be so nice ... so i hope that maybe anyone of you has an idea to do this.

Thanks for All Answers



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You're right. Sharing object instances between different programs would be a nice and useful feature. It's indeed so useful that it has been build for the WebAS 6.40 where you will find this functionality, named Shared Objects. Until 6.40 is available you have to live with workarounds (e.g. IMPORT EXPORT to...) to share the data between user sessions, sorry.

A full text search for "Shared Objects" at the Web AS SDN section will lead to several TechEd slides, articles, etc...