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ABAP : Move to another tab in subscreen from BAdi implementation

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Hello ABAP experts,

I would like some information about the execution of a certain flow.
There is a BAdi that validates that certain values have been filled in a transaction. If that value has not been filled, I want to control to transfer to that particular text field on the screen so that the user knows which value is blank.
The field, however, is on a specific tab on the subscreen (the user might be on a different tab while the validation happens) and therefore it becomes necessary to switch to that tab after the validation fails.

Could someone help me by explaining how to navigate to a different tab from the BAdi code itself?


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Is the actual BADI that you want to use and the transaction secret?

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Could you provide more information (which BAdI at least)

Nevertheless you could look at PBO of main dynpro and tab dynpro to identify some variables (and form/method to change those) that handle the displayed tab and cursor position and/or a function code to change displayed tab that you could trigger.

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The BADI is /SCWM/EX_PS_CORE_VALIDATE and the transaction is /scwm/packspec.

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Sorry, I thought there would be a more generic solution to this.
The BADI is /SCWM/EX_PS_CORE_VALIDATE and the transaction is /scwm/packspec.

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Check the help

Read the stuff about assigning a function code to the tab, with this you can set it active programmatically.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans