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ABAP Class to Update Master Data

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Hello All-

I need to update the P table of a master data infoobject and wanted to know if anyone knew of a class that I could use to do this. I have created an internal table and modified it and now what I want to do is update the P table from the internal table. I don't want to write to the table directly - this would not be a good idea.

Any sample code would be helpful.

Best Regards,



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Any Idea?

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<i>I don't want to write to the table directly - this would not be a good idea.</i>

I definitly agree with you there. It would seem that no one is really familiar with what you are asking. You mention a P table. Can you expand on that a little. I for one, have no idea what you are referring to. Please explain further.

Also, you could try debugging the standard SAP transaction that updates this table, and try to see if there is any function module which will update this table. You can also do a where-used on the is table in SE11 and try to figure out if there is anything that will update it(function module and/or class/method) I would say that you should look for a function module first, I doubt that this logic is wrapped in a class/method.


Rich Heilman

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To update master data tables on the BW system please try class cl_rsdmd_update_master_data. One or more methods from this class might meet your requirements.

PS: I personally haven't used this class. But you can give it a try and let us know the outcome.

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Hi together,

using an internal class by SAP is always problematic. Apparently the person who answers did not event worked with this.

In BW/4 the class cannot be used as before. It is not an API and it creates a lot of work to replace it by an official API function.

You find the official API functions in function group RSNDI_MD.

Kind regards,