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ABAP CDS View - Reporting Dynamic Column Headers

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Hi Team,
Users are looking to have reports with column headers that display the dates being reported. Example: "Current Year YTD 001/2022 - 003/2022", or "Prior Year YTD 001/2021 - 003/2021"

This in most people's minds would make sense and possibly be considered an easy ask.
We can do this in BEx of course with Variables. I was trying to do the right thing and report over CDS with AO thinking I was doing justice by removing the BEx Layer

As SAP documents the path, we have gone down the path of developing Analytical Queries (CDS VIew) and reporting on the Analytical Queries with Analysis for Office (AO).

SAP S/4HANA has built all of these system-wide Consumption Views and Analytical Queries for internal and external use. I am imagining if they are providing reports built over CDS then they must have run into this problem.
I can't imagine that they do not have a single report over CDS that does not provide dynamic column headers for showing dates.
  1. Can anyone tell me if SAP has any CDS-based report that might provide dynamic column headers as in my above example?
  2. If they do have reports over CDS that have dynamic columns how do they accomplish this?
    Fiori development over CDS?
  3. What is the recommended report development path in S/4 environment to provide CDS Sourced reports with dynamic columns as a standard basic reporting feature we always had in BW?
    Go back to BEx reports over #CUBE and then AO which the user like? , Fiori Development, ABAP reporting???
    really was looking forward to not using BEx Query Layer.
Thanks for any input on this heavy topic!

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Whoa! Does anyone know anything about the CDS Annotation @Consumption.dynamicLabel?

Can't seem to find any information on this...

3156575 - Dynamic Label in a CDS Query is Truncated