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2 users in 1 request

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in DEV env i have 2 users in 1 request.

2.dani dont remember what he did there.

2.dani made a lot of changes.

how counld i know what rich did?


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Kill Rich, and ask more slowly to Dani if he really doesn't remember what he did ...

sorry, it's the end of the workday



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Hi rani,

Rich & Dani will be under different tasks.. see what Objects are tied to each task.. if it is the same Object, then you have to use Version Management from the ABAP editor & see for changes in the code..


Suresh Datti

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As an object can be under only one request as a time. So even the under different names of the task you will find different objects.... If the Say rich user has done some changes and then dani takes that object in here task you cannot find the changes seperately.

However if there are objects under seperate task you can always compare the version with the earlier program and find out what changes they have made.


Shekhar Kulakrni

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just go to se10 and enter userid of the main request and press enter, click on the sub request of rich once and then dani in new window. you can then compare both the programs which are displayed and you can get what you require.

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Hi ,

Its difficult to know that,unless there is some comments made by each of them in the program under the request.

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Hello Rani,

Double Click on the objects modified by rich and do a version compare. You can see the code changes. If two users changed the same object then I dont think you can figure that out using the above procedure who did what unless there are proper comments.

The only think you can do in this case is to push Rich to remember what he did?? )


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Hi Rani,

you can find what object rich made the changes, what objects rani made the changes, but you really don't see what code he changed..

for that if you are maintaining any change number to track what he made the can easily find..

in our system we will do change number and userid, date of change.

so we can easily track,...

first find the objects done by rani, then go to them and based on request no you can track out..

begin of chgxxxxxxx by RANI  on 10/10/2005.
changed code here...
wend of chgxxxxxxxx by RANI on 10.10.2005



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A simple question. Is it the same object that they both are changing? If so, then whatever you see currently is what is going to go with the transport. If they modified different objects, then you can check that in the object list as to what objects are modified with which task. Based on that you will know who modified what.

What is not possible is to find out who did what, if they both worked on the same program under the same request, but different tasks.