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From time to time we see as a response to a question something like:

"You can get plenty of information about this if you can Google.."

I agree with that response but searching can be frustrating .

But there is a helping hand , introducing "Google Advanced Search"

Lets do a search for "Smart Forms":

We can see that this was translated to: "Smart Forms"

The search use "Search operators" a full list of those can be found using: "Search operators"

Note the warning.

Let continue with our search for "Smart Forms" .

I am interested in tables so I go to "Printing Data in a Table" .

(After opening some nodes manually)

We can see that we have "download" lets use it .

The result will be a PDF file that we can read in leisure....

Here is the Table of content of the generated PDF:

Happy searching.


p.s. Advanced search is not unique to Google for example Bing also support "Advanced search keywords"