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You might have faced this situation – legal changes and corrections related to your product are released via an SAP Note in-between support packages. Some of those changes involve updates to the Implementation Guide (IMG) or area menus, but you are now unable to see these updates even though they are mentioned in the SAP Help Portal documentation.

The reason why is because IMG paths and Easy Access area menus are only available after the implementation of a support package.

We have good news for you - you can access your required objects in the following ways:

  • SAP Easy Access: Call the transaction codes assigned to the area menus you would like to see.

  • IMG activities: Enter the technical name of the maintenance object in the maintenance transaction, such as SM30 for maintenance views.

You can search for and display your desired maintenance object by using View Maintenance (Transaction SM30).

As already mentioned, you can find the technical names of the objects in the relevant SAP Help Portal documentation.

Area menus still not visible after support package update

What if you have implemented the required SP, but a certain area menu that used to be visible before is now gone?

In some cases, especially when we deal with country-specific content, a SP upgrade may cause specific business functions to get deactivated. This, in turn, can lead to the disappearance of area menus.

You can easily fix that by ensuring that all relevant business functions are still activated after an upgrade.

In short, the SAP Easy Access screen and IMG may look different than described in the documentation, depending on whether you have simply implemented an SAP Note or you have also upgraded to a new SP. Regardless, by following these simple hints, you can now easily find any menu paths and structures that you require.

Also, do not forget that the Easy Access screen is searchable through the "Ctrl + F" shortcut. In this way, you can quickly find any activities that may have been moved to a different location, following a new release or SP.

You can search for a specific area menu directly from the Easy Access screen by using CTRL + F.

We hope that these hints can help you find the information you are looking for.

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