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Developer Advocate


Welcome to the Application Development Community Group.  This new group is for anyone engaged in Application Development activities. The goal here is for everyone to be able to engage and discuss topics from development methodologies to programming tools to career development.  This is NOT the place to ask specific technical questions or get product support. That remains the SAP Community Question and Answer section's responsibility. But when you want to engage in a deeper technical discussion with your peers, this is now the place to do that.

We have been using the general Coffee Corner for some of the technical discussions, but we want to shift those here now. Moving forward we will post all the SAP Community Code Challenge thread here in this group.  We also post weekly with details of the SAP Developer News. But please feel free to add your own developer relevant discussions here as well.


And finally, a few rules of the road:

  1. Anyone can read the group content, but you need to join the group to contribute and participate. You can also receive notifications to subscribed content if you join. It's easy to join up.  Just have a look at the Getting Started area of the Help link.
  2. Follow the SAP Community Rules of Engagement for posting. There will be moderation and in particular thread that are just questions that should be posted in the SAP Community Q&A instead will be closed. . 
  3. Label your discussion posts to help with organization and searchability. We've created labels to help the organization of content here into major topics we expect to see: Integration & Connectivity, Automation, User Experience, Cloud Extensibility, Tools, APIs, Development at Scale, Security, Programming Models, and Career Development.
  4. This group will evolve over time based upon where the community wants to take it.  We are extremely interested and anticipating ideas and directions that the community might want to take the content here.  Feel free to discuss the things you would like to see in this forum as well.  

With that we welcome everyone to the new Application Development Community Group.  Let's make this a place welcome and inviting to developers of all stages of their careers and grow this into a place we can all be proud of.

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