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Hi Guys,

I would like to share my knowledge on technical which will be helpful to the Functional consultant to prepare the Functional specifications and hope will help full to the Technical developer on designing the Structure or Transparent Table and finding the data type and length in simple way.

Before going to detailed explanation, we have to understand - Why Functional consultant need technical knowledge:

  1. Prepare the Functional specifications
  2. Understood requirement from client in detail and can map into Technical words.
  3. Helping to Technical developer on difficulty developments.
  4. To discuss with Client on possibility and non-possibilities of logic and impact on report performance.
  5. Discussion with Technical developer will be more flexible if you have knowledge on Technical.

I would like to explain knowledge on How to differentiate the tables and How to find Table name with reference to field and description and etc...

And also will discuss about the logics which will be frequently used in Developments of smart forms and in new customized Reports developments.

  • How to find Configuration table name with reference of master data table – field name.

Generally we know lot of configuration data will be used in Master data’s. But we will be used only code to create the master data’s. While saving table also we know only code will be save in master data’s table or in transaction data tables and corresponding code description will not get update in master data tables.

While developing the report or smart form development mostly user need only description in the output development. For this again we will be search in configuration level what was table name finding through F1 or some other ways.

Here explaining some fields configuration table can find from Master data table- field name.

Example : If Material Group code will be enter in Material master but if you need to find description of Material group then you have to go in OMSF and need to find the table name or description. But below table which will be help full to find the Configuration table name.

Table Name: DD03M or DD03L

DD03M – Generated Table for view

Enter table and field name:

Assume MARA table and field name MATKL and language “EN”.

And execute the table.

Check “Check table - filed (CHECKTABLE) in DD03M or DD03L

See the table name T023 and pass this into se16n

It will help full Not only for functional consultant but also for technical developers to develop the reports and smart forms and in data extraction these table will be help full lot.

Not only configuration table, we can find data type, ABAP type, data element (in DD03L) and length of field and position number in se11 and number of character  and table category from  DD03VT and  DD03M and DD03L table.

  • From Table  How to find where used list of programmes

Too much difficult to remember the program every time which was developed for each developer and functional consultant. Developer Sometimes they will create maintenance table for pick the user values. In this case Z table remembering is little bit easy to compare to remembering the table.

The following way we can find the program name from table.

Table: D010TAB

D010TAB: Table for Use Report<->Tables

Pass table name in this D010TAB table,

Assume ZMM_TABLE which is developed for STO auto creation.

I need to find the program which I was used this table ---

So I have passed this table into D010TAB table.


Check in Se38


This is one way can find program name from tables..

As of now we are discussed How to find Configuration table and from table how to find where used list of programs. Now will discuss How to find the Transaction code for the Program

  • From Program how to find the Transaction code

Using below table we can find Transaction code:Table name: TSTC   Program name: ZBDC_XX_POExecute the Program Here you can get details of Transaction code of the Program.Now we will discuss on list of tables used in one program

  • Find List of tables used in One program

Some programs developer need to create lot of customized tables. It is difficult to remember what are the tables used in the Program. The below simple way we can find the list of tables and structures used in Program.

Go to Se16n,

Enter table D010B

Enter Program name


You will get all tables and structures used in Program ..