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Our requirement: Generally we don’t get the option to put the rejection reason in vf11.

Solution: Enhancement in Report LV60AU01  in ( ENHANCEMENT-POINT rv_invoice_create_04 SPOTS es_saplv60a )

Create Z implementation for the above Enhancement

Now for getting a pop up in VF11 use a FM UR_CF_POPUP_TEXT_INPUT

For updating values in the VF11 Header text use FM SAVE_TEXT

Values for header will be

HEADER-TDNAME   = 'NRLEVEL' " Value for the current canceled document num,
HEADER-TDID     = '0002'. " Value for TDID,

To get the current document number use below code.

If you do not have Header text for canceled document you need to maintain it from VOXTN t-code.

After all the changes run VF11.

It will give you pop up like below

And after saving the document we can check the value in VF03 Header text.

It will show like this


Bhupesh Chandola