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Hello folks and welcome to my first Blog about Umap.

Maybe (just maybe) you remember us from last years Demojam during the Teched in Amsterdam where we presented our Open Source UML to Abap Code-generator. If not, you missed a great show, go and check out or the videos about the DemoJam

Nevertheless after the Dust settled we started talking to people behind ADT/AiE and came up with a plan to deliver Umap as a Eclipse Plugin for various reasons.

  • Simplified installation process (just an Eclipse Updatesite)
  • Nicer workflow, instead of having 3 tools (Uml tool, Umap Eclipse Plugin, SAP Backend) just one tool(Eclipse with different Plugins installed)
  • Easier to collaborate. Because ADT is pure Java sharing of code is easy(github)

So we rolled up our sleeves and used the Christmas time to deliver the community some goodies, and here it is, our first prototype of the Umap ADT plugin.

cheeromat->cheer( ). :grin:

So here is a screenshot of your Umap View(Window->Show View)

Which will open a new View

where you now can drag and drop your UML files. I will provide documentation on the UML specifics at a later stage, please be aware that this is a hobby project besides work and family, so everything is taking it's time.

After you dragged your file onto the view it will be parsed and the contents displayed

You get two buttons one to connect to a specific system(basically all your ADT Abap Projects are listed here) and on to import your stuff.

Because this is a prototype atm we only import into $TMP and there are no checks if a class/interface already exists but that will change in the future.

so after you press import check your local objects and see your abap code :smile:


Get a current version of Eclipse at older versions(Juno) should work as well

Install the Abap Development Tools from

Install the Umap ADT Plugin from

And you are ready to go.


Please note this project is still very early alpha and we are am not responsible for any system damage or lost coding, so use with care. There will be plenty of bugs, if you are interested in participating or reporting them go to and/or to

If you happen to be a maven/tycho specialist please contact me and help us out with the build process :wink:

Stay tuned for further updates i case of any questions we are glad to answer them

One last thing, a big Thank you to the ADT Development Team who not only delivered a great product but supported us greatly in the development of the Umap ADT Plugin *thumbs up*

So far