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People of the ABAP for SAP HANA tribe listen up!

Or better: read up! :smile:

When you logged in to your favorite SCN Space, did you notice any change?

In case you need a little hint to what I am asking about, consider the following screenshots of the ABAP for SAP HANA space overview page (big red arrow included for ease of discovery):.

Before last weekend

After the last weekend

Effective today the fabulous jasmin.gruschke takes over the role of the space moderator from me.

A big thanks for the big effort you already put into this community by patiently providing answer after answer to all sorts of questions around ABAP programming on SAP HANA.

From now on you can move stray messages to the correct spaces, like SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing for all core SAP HANA topics.

So that's the "news".

The "old", I mentioned in the title, is that Jasmin will continue to bring her vast topic expertise into this community.

If we would be on a stage I would ask everybody now to make some noise for our newly conceived moderator.

(Don't feel stopped if you still want to give a round of applause in front of your screen - if you do, please record it with your webcam and upload it here!)

Welcome and thanks again!

Next stop then would be Mentor, I guess :grin:

Cheers, Lars