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In my earlier document SECATT-Extended Computer Aided Testing Tool Transaction recording for mass upload , we have learned how to create Variants for Legacy system mass data upload with the help of Transaction Recording.

Now we will look to create variants with the help of standard BAPI. We will be taking a case to create Service master(AC01) with BAPI.The procedure to be followed is as follows :

Step-1. Find out the standard BAPI for the creation of Service master in our case with T-Code BAPI.

Step-2. Create a Test Script in T-Code SECATT and Click on Pattern tab, select ALL in Group, FUN in Command and insert the BAPI name in Function module field.

Step-3. Double Click on second function name,Select Importing tab and create Variants as desired according to the business requirement.

Step-4. After creating variants in Importing tab, create the same for Tables tab.

Step-5. When all the variants as desired are created then again call the Function module named "BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT" which is a requisite to commit the primary Function module.

After this step your screen looks like this -

Step-6. Save the Test Script and then Create a Test Configuration with reference to the same created Test script.Download the Variants by Edit>Variants>Download and open the Variants file in Excel with all the data fields filled.

Step-8. Upload the Variants file in the Test Configuration by Edit>Variants>Upload. Execute the Configuration and the Data gets uploaded.

Tips and Tricks-

  • To fill the variants as parameters first have a look of BAPI that gives you detail of the existing data in the system.Check the flow of data there and then create variants.
  • To make any field constant just put the value in ' '. Eg. you want SR as constant for some parameter Division then use 'SR' in that value in the test script.
  • Some of the fields may require Indicators like "I" for Insert,"C" for change,"D" for delete.
  • Some of the Variants will be created only when DATAX value of that parameter is selected as 'X'.This will automatically come into your expertise when you have a good command of that particular BAPI.

Last but not the least this tool requires a good practice for gaining expertise.

Happy Learning!