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In this document I would like to show you how to:

A. Disable the Eclipse Debugger perspective and call the SAP Debugger while in Eclipse.

B. Benefit from  Reuse of SAP GUI window when running applications while using Different Projects. I will show you how to create a Run Configuration so that you would be able to edit a program in a development client and test it in a quality client/system.

Most of you probably know that, but I was excited to discover it especially since I dislike Eclipse Debugger.

So here's the scenario I'm using.

I have 2 Projects:

Project1 - Client 100 - Development /Customizing

Project2 - Client 200 - Quality

Normally I do all my developments in Project 1 which has no data in it (so i can't debug or test my developments ).

Then I log on Project 2 and set my breakpoints and test the programs I develop. And until now I was using SAP GUI to debug (since i like SAP Debugger over Eclipse Debugger).

A. Disable Eclipse Debugger.

From Eclipse go to Window - Preferences

From there, expand ABAP Development  and select Debugging:

Choose Configure Project Specific Settings and Double Click on Project2 (the one in which you do the testing )

The Enable Debugger checkbox should be enabled, so you disable it:

Choose Apply and then Ok

Now every time you debug a program in Project2 the SAP ABAP Debugger will pop-out in a new window instead of Eclipse Debug Perspective.

B.Running Programs in other projects

I'm not really sure how to title this subject, so if you have ideas please let me know. But this is what's this about:

I really liked the new feature "Reuse of SAP GUI window when running applications" of ADT 2.36, but the main problem is that my programs are developed in Project1 and i want to debug them in Project2.

When I click "Run" on a program, it automatically executes it in the system/client in which it is edited (Project1). This is a problem since I have no data there, and would like to debug it in Client 200 (Project2 ) and benefit from the above mentioned feature.

All you have to do is create a new Run Configuration.

In Eclipse, on the top side , where the Run Button is, you can click on the Down Pointing Arrow and create a new Run Configuration

Ofcourse you can also do this from the Meniu: Run->Run Configuration

Name your Run Configuration however you want: for Demo Purposes I called it MyZProgram(Client200).

Click Browse to open ABAP Development Object, then click Browse again to select Project2.

Search for your program, double click on the result in Matching items  list, and the click Apply

Now when you click on the Run Button you can choose the newly created Run Configuration instead of the Standard Configuration:

You'll see that by choosing the configuration made for Project2 you'll be able to run the program in Client 200 and benefit from the "Reuse of SAP GUI window when running applications"  feature.

You can also Organize your Run Configurations but I haven't yet figured it out how to call my Run Configuration when pressing F8.

This is not much but maybe it's helpful.

If you have observations/recommendations to this document, please comment on it.