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Topic: SAP Archiving Activity

Applies to: All the objects (Which holds Transactional Data) in SAP

Steps: Basically, The Process contains 2 steps.

  1. Configuration (Tcode – SARA)
  2. Archiving, Deletion and post processing (TCODE – SARA)

Please follow the sequence.

Step 1: Configuration (TCODE – SARA)

I have considered the FI_DOCUMENT object for archiving. (But many objects exists like this)

The transactional data under FI_DOCUMENT object will be archived.

When we press F4 on the selection screen, Below screen would appear and shows all the objects!

Click on button in the initial archiving screen.(in below screen)

Click on “Cross-Client File Names/Paths

It redirects to the below screen.

Select the suitable/similar object for configuration modifications and select copy as ( ) button.

Since we are doing the Archiving activity for company code T1 (Test 1), we have to change the logical file name accordingly. (Naming convention depends on the organization).

Press Enter,

Here, please select ‘copy all’ push button.

Then again, Press Enter.

Save it. (It asks for TR then provides the appropriate TR and saves).

Then, Select the “Logical file name definition, cross-client” and select same logical file name which we have done in earlier step.

Select again button.

Here, replace T1. Since, we are performing the Archiving activity for T1 Company code.

Press Enter.

Save .

Select ‘Assignment of physical paths to logical path’.

Enter the Logical File path name which we have created.

Press Enter.

Go to Initial Screen of the customization again. (SARA)

Execute ‘Technical Settings’ as shown above.

Please change the logical file with respect to T1 company code.

Save It.

Here it prompts for TR. Provide the correct TR and save the settings.

Configuration step (i.e. step 1) completed with the above steps. ..

SAP Archiving Activity - Part2 (i.e. Step 2) will be continued.. .


Kiran N