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Q : Reset the release strategy / indicator if any thing is changed in PO / Contract

Solution : Step 1 ) Create implementation of BADI ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED.               

               Step 2 ) In method posted, write the code to check if any modification is made in PO / Contract.               

               Step 3) If any modification is made, set the flag say, LV_FLAG = 'X'.               

               Step 4) Pass this flag to implicit enhancement for PO/Contract using EXPORT  TO MEMORY ID.                          

                         (Create implicit enhancement for PO / Contract as mentioned below )                           

                        PO -> Program- LMEGUICJI                           

                        Contract -> Class - CL_OS_CA_COMMON

                                         Method - IF_OS_CA_SERVICE~PREPARE_FOR_TOP_TRANSACTION            

               Step 5) In the Implicit Enhancement, import the flag (Step 4) using IMPORT <x> FROM MEMORY ID.            

               Step 6) Check if LV_FLAG is set (='X').If yes, call the BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE to reset the release indicator. 

        Important Note 1 :

             -  After implementing this solution some times you may get the error message as 'Use XXX is already processing Document YYY'.  

             -  This error occurs, because the table EKKO is locked by the system for updating the PO / Contract changes in database. 

             -  And, BAPI 'BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE ' is getting called before checking whether the table is locked or released.

              -  The solution to this is, call the below code in Implicit Enhancement before calling BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE.

                  DO.   "loop until the lock is released by system

                       CALL FUNCTION 'ENQUEUE_EMEKKOE'


                           EBELN          = PO Number

                           WAIT          = '1'  


                         FOREIGN_LOCK   = 2

                         SYSTEM_FAILURE = 3

                         OTHERS         = 3.

                 IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.

                     CALL FUNCTION 'DEQUEUE_EMEKKOE'


                     EBELN          = PO Number





               This will ensure that the BAPI is always called when the table EKKO is in released state.

     Important Note 2 :

               - 'BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE' will not work for the documents which has already been printed out.

                - In this BAPI  the records from NAST are fetched & variable printed is set to 'X'.

                - printed = 'X' does not allow the PO/ Contract release strategy to get reset for already printed documents.

                - Solution to this is create a Z BAPI which will be a copy of  standard BAPI 'BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE'.

               -  In this BAPI clear the variable printed before calling FM ''ME_REL_RESET".

         Note :  Reason for creating Implicit Enhancement :      

              - If we directly call the BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE inside the BADI  ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED implementation.

                It will reset the release strategy but it will interrupt the normal SAVE process of PO / Contract

              - Any other changes made in PO/Contract will not get saved.

              - So, using Implicit Enhancement will ensure that the changes made in PO/ Contract are saved first & then the release strategy is reset.