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Hello everyone,

I was asked several times to share my Slides from sithh 2015 with the information on Custom Code Management tools provided by SAP ( without SOLMAN). My special thanks goes to the team sap_ags that introduced me to these tools. bjoern.panter

Here they are at SlideShare: Custom code management & tools

Summary of my presentation:
  • Custom Code Management will have positive impact on your TCO
  • There are lots of tools available that you can use
    • TA: CCAPPS
    • SQL Monitor / SQL SQL Performance Tuning Worklist
  • Take your time to get used to them
  • Involve the business an test solution


scr1:  Custom Code Management – Decommissioning     [PDF]  SAP 2014

scr2: Custom Code Management Custom Code Apps      [PDF]  SAP Active Global Support

scr3: CCM Usage & Procedure Logging                              [PDF]  SAP Active Global Support

Usage & Procedure Logging                                                  [SCN]  SCN 2015

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