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Currently i'm working in SAP CS implementing a mobile solution for Quality Assurance based on SAP CS Workorders.

One of my requirements was to store information on the order header of this CS order.

Looking at the function module BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN it has importing parameters allowing you to put in text:

But soon I discovered that these text weren't showing up in the actual order header nor in the operations linked to the order.

So I needed a different approach, luckily SAP also provides us with SAVE_TEXT and READ_TEXT function modules.

I implemented a method saving the text for me:

Soon I discovered that the text I was changing using this function module turned up to be in the table STXH but still not showing up in IW33.

Therefore I debugged the logic behind the transaction itself and came to the conclusion that the longtext indicator on the order header (AUFK-LTEXT) wasn't properly used.

When looking at the domain value of the longtext it only allows true or false (X or blank):

But I found that iw32 was updating the field with the language key:

Therefore, against everything I've been taught I added an additional line of code updating the longtext indicator directly:

This actually shows the longtext in iw33.

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