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Who am I and what is my background:

I started the program coding job from 2006 in Java. And the first tool I used for the java coding is notepad and the second one is the Eclipse. And I have spent more than 2 years on the java program job. And than I transferred to application operation and service deliver  job in Jan 2009. Meanwhile, it was my first time that I know the SAP system and took the company internal training in SAP work process. But I didn't took the any job on SAP from that time. Recently, the company has completed the SAP deployment in our region. And most of the applications in my pool have been replaced by SAP. And the manager hope I can transfer as the SAP supporting engineer and ABAP developer because I am the SME regarding the biz process.

My first step to build the local development platform:

From Apr, 2014, I have spent lots of time to learning the SAP and ABAP knowledge in the SAP website and other learning center. One day, I found I can download the trail version of SAP NW7.X from SAP store web site. So I have followed the guideline, to download the package and done NWABAPTRIAL70304_64 installation. And I was successfully in my first time. But I met lots of problem when I try to free trail licenses and development license. Finally, I have received the free trail license from and found the BCUSER development license from Start.html file in NWABAPTRIAL70304_64 download package.

My first Hello World program in ABAP in Eclipse:

After the installation, I have spent another 1 hours to do the SAP GUI connection setup and Eclipse download and plugin setup. I begun the "hello World" program when I used the eclipse connected to SAP NW 703. And the code structure and code style are very different with java although in the same development tool. But I found I have loved the program in ABAP in Eclipse and the operation in SAP GUI. Now I spent nearly 2 hours every day to do the practice in ABAP Eclipse and SAP GUI.

Feature explorer gave my lots of tip during my first program coding. And I like the format command as I am very new in ABAP development. It help to me to understand the ABAP program structure and the key world. I hope the error catch up function can be enhanced in the next release. And @Thomas has gave me help about the apply the license and develop license.

Please feel free to reach out me if you have any question about my first step. I will happy to answer to you.