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In this blog post, I would like to share my January highlights from the SAP User Experience Community with you.

The SAP User Experience Community is a public community dedicated to the exchange of ideas and knowledge about design and user experience. The Community is for everyone interested in design and user experience, so join the conversation!

In Learn the basics about design and user experience:

  • Design Thinking has a strong history at SAP that started in 2004 and continues today. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts! History of Design Thinking at SAP.

In Skill up on design and user experience:

  • In my post, Catch Me if You Can! Mobile Cocktails Spark a Design Dialog, I share yet another idea on how to promote design and user experience in your organization. In this post, read and see (lots of pictures) how a team of designers from the SAP Business Suite breaks the ice (literally) with colleagues outside of the UX organization.
  • In this visually rich and inspiring post, How the Heidelberg Windmill made us forget our laptops, Alessandro Sposato recounts a team building activity which he organized so his team could learn why and how to run a letterpress workshop, despite working in a digital enterprise. In his post, you will find why and how you could organize one in your company as well.
  • Two posts this month by Bernard Rummel about the System Usability Scale, a widely used, standardized 10-item questionnaire to measure user satisfaction. If you need a quick usability assessment of an already deployed system, the System Usability Scale can give you a pretty precise idea where to dig deeper for usability issues - and where to unpack the rest of your UX toolbox.
  • Andreas Hauser, Global Head of Design and Co-Innovation Center, has spoken with many CIOs recently and claims that it’s fair to say the role is changing.In his blog post, CIO or KTLO? The Choice Is Yours, Andreas expounds on the new role of the CIO that goes beyond optimizing and ensuring the uptime of key business systems.
  • Want to maximize your investment in SAP Fiori? Attend the free practitioners forum! Katie Moser invites everyone who is deploying SAP Fiori and wants to learn how to maximize their return on investment to this new forum event to learn about best practices.
  • If you want to start a UX improvement project in your company but are still searching for arguments that ensure the buy-in from your top management, this blog by Juergen Jakowski can help you: Are you alone with your idea for improving user experience?

In Participate in improving products with SAP:

Highlights from our Discussion Forum:

  • In the discussion, the UX magic of engineering, SAP’s Chief Designer, Martin Wezowski talks about how computer scientists and artists get together to produce some of the most stunning installations around the globe at a company called Art+Com Studios. This leads him to some interesting thoughts about interdisciplinary research, experimentation, and innovation.
  • Check out this lively discussion about the advantages of High Fidelity Animated Workflows started by Sean Brouwer.

I hope you find this post of highlights useful, but keep in mind that it is not comprehensive of all the activity on the community during the last month. Checkout the SAP User Experience Community to discover the interesting contributions that I left out of this post!