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As the summer in the northern hemisphere draws to a close and we gear up to get our kids back to school and ourselves back to work, I’d like to draw your attention to some of the great content that appeared on the SAP User Experience Community while you were perhaps relaxing at the beach.

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In Learn the basics about design and user experience:

  • Tyler Nickerson muses on how the rise of design thinking is changing the way think about design in his post, Design is Evolving. But What’s Next? 
  • SAP Fiori 2.0: The Ideal Overview – In this blog, Kai Richter discusses the overview page in the context of the SAP Fiori environment, and how it can be used to bundle information and functionality centered around one task context for a specific user role.
  • Design Thinking Meets Sketch Comedy – Design thinking is not just a big joke…or is it? Janaki Kumar wondered about this recently when she attended a sketch comedy writing workshop.
  • In Does All Design Need to be Intuitive? Esther Wolff delves into the question of whether highly specialized applications need to be intuitive for users who do not have that specialized role.
  • Understanding your end-user’s needs is key to excellent design. Participate in this free OpenSAP course to Learn the Basics of Design Research

  In Skill up on design and user experience:  

  • By now, most IT leaders have become convinced of the need to move their organizations away from a mindset of delivering functions and features, and move toward a focus that puts the user’s true needs at the center, employing design thinking principles. Read Create Your Company’s UX Strategy by Andreas Hauser to find out where to start.
  • So, you’re in the lucky position to have end users lined up for research interviews. Great! Now, do you need to prepare for this interview at all? And if so, how? If you want to get the most out of the on-site visit, it’s best to prepare. Get some tips from Clarissa Goetz and Ramona Winkler in Prepare for On-Site Interviews with End Users.  

  In Design News:  

  • From the Orient to Down Under - in the next twenty weeks the SAP Fiori user experience ambassadors travel around Asia and Australia to meet customers and partners, speak at various conferences, and share insights into the future of SAP Fiori. Find out more in SAP Fiori Roadshow by Jacqueline Dittkowski.
  • In Young Researchers from Around the World Gain Initial Insight into Design Thinking, Franziska Reich recounts how 28 students aged between 16 and 21 from Heidelberg’s various sister cities around the world got an introduction to the Design Thinking method.
  • In Diverse Collaboration of the AppHaus, Bradley Naumann writes about his internship with the DCC team.
  • Don’t miss this two-part blog from Andreas Hauser called “Digital Transformation Needs More Than Technology” – Part 1 and Part 2.

  In Participate in improving products with SAP:  

  • Did you know there is a private group for participants in the monthly SAP Fiori/Screen Personas Practitioners Forum meetings to share meeting notes and documents with other forum members? Find out more in Welcome to the SAP Practitioners Forum! by Toros Aledjian.

The SAP User Experience Community is a public community dedicated to the exchange of ideas and knowledge about design and user experience. The Community is for everyone interested in design and user experience, so join the conversation!