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REM (Repetetive Manufacturing) Back flushing is the process used in production/process industries for automatic goods receipt/issue purposes.

Backflushing (MFBF) includes all the following partial functions: Goods receipt posting, Goods issue of the material components, Calculation of actual costs in production activity posting, Reduction of the production quantities, Adjustment of the dependent requirements of the components in the reporting point backflush, Adjustment of the capacity requirements.

  Requirement  :-                                                                                                                                 

The user need to disable the quantity input field in the second screen of MFBF transaction, if the radio button “Assembly Backflush” in the initial  screen is selected.

There are user exit and BAdi available in MFBF, but it is not possible to disable the quantity field using these exits/BAdi. And the initial screen is from MD04 package and second screen containing the quantity field is from CO package. So these screens reside in different programs. Since both the screen belongs to different program, we can set a flag, if the assembly backflush radio button is selected, and export it to memory. So we can import it and according to the value further processing will be possible. We can also access the value of a variable from another program with the help of field symbols. Here I would like to demonstrate the later one.

We need to enhance the table control in the screen 0130 of program  LCOWBFM1. The table control tctrl_0540 is actually the part of a sub screen 0540, which is called by the screen 0130. All these screen and programs are under the function group COWB. As you know we can modify a table control by using a PBO module inside the table control loop statement. Here we have a module modify_tc which in turn contains a form “modify_tc”.

Navigate to the form modify_tc, click on the enhance button in the application tool bar,

you will find some enhancement points, right click and select create implementations,

Either you can select one of the existing implementations or create a new one by selecting new button.

Enter the details, press enter

Assign package and save under a request. Then there will be an enhancement in inactive version. Implement the logic and activate.

Here SAPLBARM is the program name which is having the variable RM61B-RB_BAUGR (radio button). We will assign it to the field symbol <FS_RADIO>. If the radio button is selected and  the screen-name is COWB_COMP-ERFMG_R we will disable the input field. After the activation of the enhancement we will get the below screen.

Hope the document will be helpful. Feel free to express your thoughts.