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Hi ABAPers,

This particular document is very useful for those who work on SAP Financial Services Industry, especially for SAP Banking Services.

Problem Behind:

When you do any updates to Account Master by using a BAPI/BTE/BADI or infact All the LUW Programs that is being called in the Custom update Function Group. Then there is a chance of getting the Warning messages saying "GUID not found / Searching for GUID" and also a huge performance impact in several ways. This is because the Memory that is being consume by that specific processor is not being refreshed for each COMMIT / ROLLBACK.


Registration for Main Memory Synchronization

Refer to the following notes on implementation:

Implement a refresh function module to initialize the global data on the program or function group.

  • This function module does not have any parameters.
  • Create event Load-of-Program in the function group or program to be initialized and call up function module BANK_REGISTER (registration for main memory synchronization).
  • LOAD-OF-PROGRAM. CALL FUNCTION `BANK_REGISTER`   EXPORTING     I_REFRESH_MODULE = `` Transfer the name of your refresh module when you access the module. As an example, use the function group BCA_OBJ_CONTRACT (Object Layer of Contract Module Contract Anchor) and the include LBCA_OBJ_CONTRACTLOP for its LOAD-OF-PROGRAM event.

For example : Create a Function Module ZBS_CLEAR_MEMORY where you just CLEAR and REFRESH your global variables declared in the TOP Include of your Custom Function Group.

Call the FM BANK_REGISTER in the LOAD-OF-PROGRAM (In TOP Include) as mentioned below.




Post Implementation Benefits:

Better Performance in the Program Executions

Better Performance in the Parallel Processing Framework

No Unnecessary messages in SLG1/BALLOG

Quicker updates in the Bulk Account Master Updates

Please do refer to the Function Module Documentation of BANK_REGISTER to Know more about MAIN MEMORY SYNCHRONIZATION.

The Function Module Documentaiton also explains answers for these questions.

1. When must synchronization be carried out ?

2. Which Types of Transactions are affected ?

3. Which Program are affected ?

4. How does the Process Function?

There is also a better way to do this in case of ABAP Object with the Interface provided by SAP which is "IF_BANK_REGISTER".

Hope this helps all the ABAPers who are working on SAP Financial Services or SAP Banking Services.

There is also a similar kind of Function Module available in SAP CRM for Product Profile updates, Soon I will be writing another document for that.

Best Regards,