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Do you know Ben? Most probably not, but Ben is one of my lovely nephews and a big big big Lego fan. Lego, and especially Lego Starwars, is his "first love"  and and in his room you will find a complete bunch of starfighters and rockets. His dream job is "Lego designer" and looking to his first results of lego designs this will be definitely a good way to go for him. And today is an really important day for him as today the Lego movie starts in the german cinemas.

But as we all know Lego is not only good for starfighters or even movies but also to make an idea tangible while building prototypes. I browsed my workshop pictures and found some really nice examples for what we did with Lego over the last months:

There is a future circus, a new kindergarden experience, new ways of team collaboration between different units of an organisation. There is a new way of organizing the ticketing for concerts and also a new concept of how to motivate employees to contribute more activity in community building within the organization.

What are your examples of Lego prototypes?

Looking forward to see your photos and ideas. And: let´s see what Ben is saying when showing him our Lego designs ... :smile: