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OK - before you go on to happily read this. I am ranting again. You might find some things repeated here as I'm not stopping to read my other blog posts.

Are you JUST an ABAPER?!!!!!!! Well then by definition you must be stupid right? I mean you didn't move on to be a functional, designer, project manager... You get the picture.

Well I must be stupid, I guess. I AM JUST AN ABAPER. OK, really I'm more of a developer at this point, but my strength is ABAP. Um I mean my strength is SD, WM, PP, PI, PM... Opps no my strength is configuration. No my strength is new technology. No my.... Again you get the picture.

We ABAPERS are happy to do our jobs. Sure there are some people that are using this to move on to a different job. At one time I thought I was too. Long time developers do know about one or many different functional areas. That is a strength that is needed - in my mind - to help produce better results. We may ask questions that trigger something, we may understand that writing a program in a different way is better.


Want to make us hate our job very quickly. Then you, functional designer or designer, ignore our comments. You our boss, don't back us up. Or you our consultants who should be working with us talk down to us.

A great developer will simply find another job. Hit us with your JUST AN ABAPER, you couldn't possibly understand. Is in fact, flashing a bright red flag at a bull. We get mad. What does that mean for your project? Well it might be, we program it exactly as you are telling us to. That means we won't ask questions that may need to be asked. Then in frustration, we might go ask our managers why we aren't being taken seriously and let them know some concerns.


I know gasp, amazed face... I love technical work. It is constantly changing. I am now learning many different "languages". Some as simple as JavaScript, I had to learn that for XMII. I'm not even sure if that is around anymore. FIORI, Personas, JSON, a bit of C++, a working knowledge of different APIs. Understanding of how the system works.

Sound familiar my ABAP friends? Not learning that yet, as a side note, learning is always good. BUT if you are mainly using ABAP - are you really JUST AN ABAPER?

SO I'm taking a deep breath

So I'm taking a deep breath. Trying to understand why yet again this blog or a similiar one is still needed. And wondering when people will get that we know what we can do. We are not stupid because we didn't like or want a functional job. Although my ABAP friend the best way to do that is to do what I did. Find a Techno-functional job. It's worth it.

Winding down and feeling very frustrated that people still thing there is such a thing as JUST AN ABAPER!!!

If you are just an ABAPER!

Then you know there is no such thing as just an abaper.

Now take the time to feed your mind and become just a developer. (Which, by the way, to some people means you lack intelligence as well) Good luck! Stay Happy!

If you are a designer, treat us right, work with us, you'll be surprised at what we do know.