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The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) national industry intermediary, Safal Partners, announced In November 2022, that it has contributed to shrinking the nation's critical cybersecurity workforce gap by bringing more than 1,000 new apprentices into the field over the past 12 months.

As a multi-national organization operating in more than 150 countries, SAP views apprenticeships as an integral part of the recruitment, development, and retention of our workforce. These German vocational training programs concentrate on skills development and have a dedicated cybersecurity track.

Carrisa Tehputri, Chief Trust Office Intern

"What you learn in the classroom is always a good foundation to help you understand your field of interest but, learning by doing and executing real-life tasks that are related to your field is the best way to equip yourself for life after graduation."

SAP also invests in early talent in other locations, such as the United States, to create opportunities in cybersecurity. SAP recruits young talent from unique backgrounds – ranging from law, computer science, economics, business, writing, and event planning. The result has been a diverse work environment where interns are empowered to build out on professional plans, use creativity and collaboration to solve complex problems and explore different topics in the world of cybersecurity.

SAP’s Chief Trust Office interns participate in team meetings, contribute to projects that reinforce strategic objectives and learning goals, support content creation, reinforce our reputation as a thought leader in the field, and make a solid impact on the team’s business impact across the world.

Shalin Luitel, Chief Trust Office IXp Intern

"My multiple trips to SAP’s offices in New York and DC. I primarily commute to Newtown Square, PA, but getting invited to so many offices throughout the country was one of the most memorable parts."

SAP has also established international cybersecurity rotational programs to address the lack of early career cybersecurity opportunities. To attract and recruit young or early career cybersecurity professionals, SAP created the Global Security Early Talent Program offered by the SAP Global Security team. The Global Security Early Talent Program is a two-year program designed for high-performing early career professionals with up to 3 years of previous work experience and an understanding of information technology and security topics. All participants start the program with their first rotation in their respective home location at the SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, and in Newtown Square, PA, USA, and will spend one rotation abroad. After completing the Security Rotational Program, participants move into a full-time role within the SAP Global Security organization that best matches their skills and interests. By leveraging this model, we see expanded and diverse cyber candidates along with higher retention rates once program participants shift to full-time roles. Additionally, these rotational programs open more opportunities for early career professionals to enter the cyber workforce.

Elina Tugaeva, Cyber Defense Associate

More than ever, customers value privacy and security, the absence of which can result in loss of money, and more importantly - trust. This is why cybersecurity is much-deservedly on the top of the list of careers of the future.”

For fifty years, SAP has been looking ahead. From sustainability to people to products, our philosophy is, and has been, to build a better future for generations to come. In SAP, we believe that in addition to building a better future for generations to come, we also need to arm the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for them to find the solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

“Being at SAP taught me a lot about the inside work of trust enablement and regulatory advisory,” Carrisa explained. “It also familiarized me with corporate culture and professionalism and allowed me to find mentors while expanding my professional network. The prestige of being a part of SAP’s team is also invaluable when trying to stand out in the job market.”

Jennifer Phillips, Intern, Chief Trust Office Content Development

"Networking with colleagues around the world from various departments within SAP has been so helpful during this internship. I have been so impressed with how well SAP implements remote and hybrid work environments and the high level of collaborative teamwork that SAP employees demonstrate."

For more information on SAP’s Security Early Talent program for cybersecurity, please refer to the Early Talent Program Web site.